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BEIJING, Nov. 30 (Xinhua) -- Why do the Chinese tend to eat dumplings or rice ball soup on certain dates?

The answer comes down to 24 solar terms, which were added Wednesday to the UNESCO list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

What exactly are the 24 solar terms?

Put simply, they are a list of terms central to a calendar created in ancient China. Based on the movement of the sun, the calendar divides the year into 24 segments to guide farming over the four seasons.

The Yellow River Basin, in northern China, is believed to be the cradle of the solar terms system. Ancient Chinese farmers used astronomical signs, changes in temperature and precipitation as the basis to create the calendar, which was later adopted by multiple ethnic groups in different regions across China.

As a unique knowledge system of the Chinese people, the 24 solar terms have had a deep impact on Chinese people's way of thinking and behavior for thousands of years, and are considered an important part of the Chinese cultural identity.

In the current time of technology-based modern farming, traditional solar terms remain relevant, especially in Chinese cultural and social life. It is also not uncommon for a patriarch to remind members of the family to put on warmer clothes on the start date of "Frost Descent"; mothers may cook glutinous rice dumplings when "Winter Solstice" arrives.

This legacy reflects the Chinese people's respect for nature and tradition, their unique understanding of the universe, their wisdom to live in harmony with nature, and the world's cultural diversity, said Zhang Ling, an official with the Ministry of Culture, who attended the UNESCO meeting in Addis Ababa.

She said the Chinese government will take this inscription as a starting point to elevate the protection of this intangible cultural heritage, and let more people around the world to know the lunar-solar calendar system.

Some of the solar terms and their meaning are listed below. Note that the start dates vary in the Gregorian calendar.

Beginning of Spring (Lichun), Feb. 3-5;

Rain Water (Yushui), Feb. 18-20, meaning the start of rain;

Insects Awakening (Jingzhe), March 5-7, meaning hibernating worms come to life;


Grain in Ear (Mangzhong), June 5-7, meaning wheat grows ripe;

Greater Heat (Dashu), July 22-24, meaning the hottest time of year;


White Dew (Bailu), Sept. 7-9, meaning dew curdles and it starts to get cold;

First Frost (Shuangjiang), Oct. 23-24, meaning frost begins to descend;


Beginning of Winter (Lidong), Nov. 7-8;

Winter Solstice (Dongzhi), Dec. 21-23, meaning the shortest day of the year;

Greater Cold (Dahan), Jan. 20-21, meaning the coldest day of the year. Enditem

LONDON Adidas Ultra Boost White Sale , May 8 (Xinhua) -- As Britain's Conservative Party is expected to win more than half of the 650 seats at the House of Commons, the FTSE 100 Index, British benchmark stock market gauge Adidas Ultra Boost Sale , and the British pound both jump at opening on Friday.

At 1000 GMT, the FTSE 100 index increased by 1.46 percent, or 100.69 points Ultra Boost Grey Sale , to 6,987.64, in a sharp contrast to the 0.67 percent drop a day earlier Ultra Boost Triple Black Sale , as investors were cautious on the election outcome.

The Pound soared significantly by 1.40 percent to 1.546 against U.S. dollars, in contrast with the flat performance a day earlier.

Vicky Redwood, Chief UK Economist at Capital Economics Ultra Boost Black Sale , commented in an analysis that "With the Conservatives on course to achieve an overall majority, the UK general election result is a surprisingly market-friendly outcome and removes the risk that the economy suffers a prolonged period of political uncertainty."

According to the results from individual constituencies that released at 1000 GMT, British Prime Minister David Cameron's Conservatives have already secured 320 seats out of 635 seats. Fifteen more seats are expected to be declared afterward.

The BBC forecasts that the Conservatives is hopeful to win 329 seats Ultra Boost Triple White Sale , enough to form a "slender majority" in the Commons.

Orlando gunman Omar Mateen apparently made a series of Facebook posts and searches before and during his attack on a gay nightclub, raging against the "filthy ways of the west" and blaming the U.S. for the deaths of "innocent women and children," according to a Senate committee letter released Wednesday.

The killer whose rampage left 49 people dead also searched for "Pulse Orlando" and "Shooting" online on the morning of the carnage Sunday and said on Facebook: "America and Russia stop bombing the Islamic state Ultra Boost White Sale ," according to the letter.

The Senate Homeland Security Committee sent the letter to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, asking the company to produce information on Mateen's online activity and to provide a briefing to the panel.

The letter illuminating Mateen's state of mind in the final hours of his life was released as the long, sad procession of memorials and funerals for the victims began in Orlando and as the FBI appealed for the public's help in reconstructing the killer's movements. The FBI is also trying to establish how much Mateen's wife may have known about the attack at Pulse dance club.

"We need your help in developing the most complete picture of what he did and why he did it Ultra Boost Sale ," FBI agent Ron Hopper said at a news conference.

Mateen posted on Facebook moments before the attack began, said a source familiar with the situation who is not authorized to speak publicly.

In its letter, the committee said staffers have learned that five Facebook accounts were associated with the 29-year-old American-born Muslim.

"The real muslims will never accept the filthy ways of the west Cheap Adidas Ultra Boost Grey ," Mateen wrote, according to the letter from committee chairman Sen. Ron Johnson, a Wisconsin Republican. Johnson did not say how he learned of.



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