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Relatives of victims are overcome with emotion at a wreath laying ceremony on March 7, 2014 nike air max 90 wholesale , at the train station in Kunming, Southwest China's Yunnan province, where 29 people were killed in a terrorist attack on March 1. [Photo by Xue DanChina Daily]

Local officials are concerned about increasing attempts by extremist forces with global ambitions to penetrate China's northwestern frontier region, but they say they are equipped to deal with them.

Some of the officials are attending the annual National People's Congress session in Beijing, representing the Muslim communities in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region.

Zhang Chunxian, the autonomous region's top official black friday air max wholesale , said the most effective weapons against extremism are a good culture, strict laws and law enforcement.

In Hotan prefecture, in southern Xinjiang, some people have been influenced by newly emerged foreign religious extremists, said Eziz Musar, the prefecture's commissioner.

That influence is also felt in some other parts of the autonomous region air max wholesale free shipping , he said.

External extremist forces use the Internet to spread their ideas, fan hatred and propagate terror, he said. Their messages are downloaded by a very small group of local people who use different communication tools to pass them on to others.

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