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How many most levels into mu legend

How many most levels?
It's value basic cognitive process that in alphabetic character Legend there ar many varieties of levels. the primary level is that the level of the account. The additional characters on your account and their level, the higher the mu legend zen account level.

The account level offers bonuses to character characteristics. The second level is that the main level of the character. the most level of the character on the primary CBT international version was sixty five. The third level is that the Soul Level. once you receive the Soul Level, you get Soul Points, that you'll be able to use to boost the character's extra characteristics, as an example, physical attack, essential attack then on. the most Soul Level on the primary CBT international version was five hundred.

How will the character develop his abilities?
There ar many varieties of cheap mu legend zen talents in alphabetic character Legend:
The capabilities of the most weapon rely on the weapon you choose. As a rule, every category may be used for two varieties of weapons. as an example, utterer will wear each a 2-handed bow and two crossbows.BY http://www.playerhot.com/games/mu-legend/golds here now.. so thanks. well done, come on!



2017-11-16 04:26:13



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