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NAIROBI, June 7 (Xinhua) -- With one eye on the Olympic Games, Kenya' s women rugby team will seek to polish their skills further at the Rome International Sevens tournament this weekend.

The Kenya Lionesses intend to approach this weekend's Roma Sevens with caution taking one game at a time.

Head Coach Mike Shamiah said they have learnt a lot since their qualification for the Games in Rio and will be seeking further proof of their preparedness at the Italian capital.

The team has been camping in France at the Clermont-Ferrand camp courtesy of World Rugby.

"The draw is yet to be conducted for the Roma Sevens but there is every likelihood that we may be paired with Venezuela, South Africa and a French select side and we intend to take every game as it comes. We hope to top our pool and move to the knock-out stages," he said from the training camp on Tuesday.

Kenya, which will face teams like New Zealand, Fiji, Canada and Australia, has improved their game courtesy of foreign exposure. Behind South Africa, they are the best in the continent.

"It' s a dream to play at the Olympics. It is quite amazing for our team. We have put in a lot more sessions with the girls and they are really paying off. We have had various skills polished and have changed our playing style," Shamiah said.

"Our mental and physical preparation has also been amazing and we hope that this pays off moving forward to this weekend's tournament as well as the Olympic Games in August," said the coach.

Cricket bowling machine can help Sehwag to continue his outstanding performance as report says he needs more perfection for facing spinners. Cricket bowling machine gives utmost practice to any batsman and hence batsmen should use bowling machine of cricket in their daily practice. Sehwag's batting attitude so far is remarkable as though he is not able to maintain it consistently.

Sehwag said once http://www.cheapnfltexansjerseys.com/be … ey-jersey/ , "You just react to the ball. If the ball is there to be hit, you just hit it. Don't worry that this is a Test or one-dayer or T20. You just hit it. Because it's your routine. Every time you practise in the nets, you just go and see the ball and hit the ball. You are not worried about 'what if I get out'. You are not worried about a four or a sixer http://www.cheapnfltexansjerseys.com/ke … on-jersey/ , one or two. You just hit the ball. And enjoy the sound. At the end of the day if you hit the ball or defend the ball, you love the sound that comes when the ball hits the bat."

However, Dhoni said http://www.cheapnfltexansjerseys.com/ni … in-jersey/ , "When it comes to Viru, you need a bit more time to understand him. It is not easy to sit here and say a few lines on how effective he is. All those who have shared the dressing room with him realise that his mindset is very different. He is very positive and bats with instinct. It doesn't matter if the wicket is turning or seaming. He only looks to score runs. His mindset is so different that it doesn't really matter whether he is in form or not. He just keeps thinking positive. He has been working a lot on his batting, but his approach remains the same. It is the mindset that really helps you get back into the game. If you see http://www.cheapnfltexansjerseys.com/wi … -v-jersey/ , the crucial decision of his career was when he decided that he will open the innings. It was a big challenge for him and he accepted it. He has the best statistics. He is someone who is very different for everyone else. He has got a very important role from the start because he's someone who can play his shots from the very first delivery. He looks to put pressure on the bowler. It certainly becomes a bit difficult for the bowler to get back into the game. Of course, not to forget the experience he has got in all the formats. And, also the fact that he can get a few wickets as well. We haven't been using him much http://www.cheapnfltexansjerseys.com/ju … rt-jersey/ , though."

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This means that travel agencies contemplate lots of things aside in the design of their bags. This consists of the color of the bag along with the stuff used for the space, the bag and pocket planning. Since it's going to serve as a form of advertisement http://www.cheapnfltexansjerseys.com/xa … lo-jersey/ , generally, it is necessary for travel agencies to ensure the quality of these totes. After all, giving out substandard promotional traveling and cabin bags will give a bad name to a special business.



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